Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Pirelli Test Day 15th February

The team were up bright and early at Donington park circuit on the 15th February, the first test day on The Goose’s car of the 2013 season. The ever organised lads managed to bring nearly everything to this test day, a great improvement on last season, so the kettle arrived safely but they did manage to forget the mugs!!! After a quick sprint to the café this problem was soon resolved.

Over the winter the Team have been developing the Boxster S making various adaptations to improve handling and weight. These improvements instantly paid off when we took the car out on track with Marcus, fuelled by HobNobs, producing faster lap times than anyone in the championship has done before, on his old Michelins tyres.

The main purpose of undergoing this test day was to address the issue of a change in tyre brand. This change to Pirelli slicks is a challenge for the team as this will require a lot of research and a considerable amount of testing to get the cars back to optimum set up.
Pirelli sent a professional tyre engineer along to this specific test day to assess performance and provide advice, very useful when the team have very little experience of slick tyres!

The day showed that the car can be improved to work better with the new slick tyres, which have much more grip and it was noticeably quicker on them.  The car has gone back to the workshop for further development and we will have another test day shortly before the first round of the championship at Donington.

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