Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Brands Hatch 4th May


After a long LONG drive down to brands, and a test day the previous day for most of the team, we had a very early start on track for scrutineering and qualifying. Thankfully the addition of an urn to the catering equipment allowed large amounts of coffee and Bolton-strength tea to be produced to keep all the drivers awake (and a few of the technicians). The test day was very successful with each of the drivers putting down some good times and it also gave the drivers confidence on this technical winding track.

Practice evidently made for perfection with some incredible qualifying times even on the packed grid of 32 cars. Marcus found some good space on lap 17 and put down a great lap time of 52.9s putting him at 7th place on the grid surrounded by some fierce 911 competition. Tom took the grid by storm leading the pack and gaining pole position for both races. Gary came in with a respectable 17th place on grid, he unfortunately found himself in numerous build ups of traffic. Stuart gave the team a great boost qualifying 4th in class 2 a great achievement for him and the car.  Overall the session went well and we felt we were on for a good day! 

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