Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Oulton Park rounds 3 & 4 - Test day 1st June

Having previously completed under 10 laps of a soaking Silverstone on Easter Monday, Friday’s test day provided Marcus with an opportunity to finally drive the car in dry conditions.  The Hartech team were as sharp & enthusiastic as ever with the kettle boiled and a brew ready for him in 30 seconds flat, with the added luxury of a dark chocolate Hob-Nob or two.  It was then down to business as both Ben & Marcus made their way out on to the track in the Porsche Boxster S’s.  A couple of issues were identified with Marcus’ car, some changes improved things although the brakes continued to be a bit of a weak point round the punishing Cheshire circuit.  His times still looked respectable in the low 1.57’s but it became clear there was nothing could be done to improve on that whilst away from the workshop, so he sat the last session out to preserve the car for race day.  Ben’s times were similar, the differences between the cars not appearing to make much difference on the stopwatch.

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