Sunday, 7 October 2012

Silverstone 21st September

Race One

Marcus got a good but not great start into race 1. His grid place unfortunately put him close to the wall meaning he was on a damper piece of track so it was harder for him to find grip to launch him into the race. He initially gained a place off John McCullagh and managed to hold off his opposition until Copse corner but Mark Proctor had taken the advantage of the pit straight, built up some good speed and took Marcus from the outside. The race between Marcus and Proctor was on again! Proctor was then left chasing Ben trying to pass at every opportunity with the pair touching as they were exiting Village corner but Ben showed some excellent defending skills and was able to hold him off. Marcus was then able to get past Proctor again on Village corner (lap 4) and defended this place for another two laps until Proctor made a move on Woodcote. Ben was lined up for 4th place but coming down from Luffield corner on the last lap him and Proctor were neck and neck but Proctor just pulled past on the very last 2 seconds. Team Hartech finished 5th and 6th - not a bad result for the first race of the weekend.

Our championship co-ordinator has finally admitted that in the 2012 regulations they didn't get the balance right across the model types in the class (which is done by specifying a minimum weight to go with the standard horsepower), leaving the 993's with a small advantage and the 996's with a significant one (but all 911's have a torque advantage over the Boxster S's). So, the first race the results of 2 996's followed by 2 993's followed by our 2 Boxster S's were no real surprise.

To watch the in car footage from this race please Click here

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