Sunday, 7 October 2012

Silverstone 22nd September

Race Three

Marcus and Ben were 4th and 5th on the starting grid for race three giving us a great start but also due to various mechanical difficulties both of the 993’s had to drop out of this last race leaving few top contenders, so the race was most definitely on and wide open. The Hartech drivers were a little close for comfort in this last race - nothing could affect their championship positions so there were no team orders but coming in to contact round Club corner on the first lap and being locked together, not knowing if they would be able to separate themselves, wasn’t the ideal way to start.  
They did thankfully manage to wrench themselves apart though and then had to set off after all the cars that’d mugged them of places as they were falling over each other. It certainly made the race an interesting one for Marcus and Ben as they fought their way through. It did get a bit close for comfort again though round Stowe corner on the last lap and Marcus nearly threw it all away going a little wide at Brooklands into Luffield but with 200 yards left to go he managed to get it all together, stay ahead and take 3rd place making it a podium finish at last!
 To view the in car video from this race please Click here

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