Sunday, 14 April 2013

Donington Park Saturday 6th April

For the first race of the season it was incredible to see the vast turn out parked up in the paddock on Saturday morning. All teams were working away on the final preparations for qualifying with Hartech’s main priority being the stickers, the sheer amount of Autoperform and Pirelli could have easily pushed the cars over weight! But looking perfect, the quartet rolled onto the starting line for the first qualifying session of the season.
There were many factors threatening to make qualifying difficult, the short session, the freezing cold track, the new slick tyres (both to the cars and the drivers) and most prominently the enormous amount of Porsches out on track. Each driver had to battle for space in order to even attempt to lay down some good lap times.
Marcus, while jammed in the traffic, followed some tips picked up on Anglesey and primarily focused on getting the tyres into racing mode with a little F1style track weaving. Unfortunately the packed track left Marcus running in 10th position for most of qualifying but towards the end of the session the pack began to spread out and Marcus made it to 5th position on what he thought was his last lap, but the flag wasn’t out so he kept “on it” although just as he was on the final stretch of what would of been his fastest lap someone was in his way again.
Marcus qualified 5th and 6th highly respectable positions given the level of competition. Tom gave the team a great boost qualifying in 3rd place, Garry qualified in 11th and Stuart qualified 6th in class 2.

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