Sunday, 14 April 2013

Donington Park Saturday 6th April

Race 2
By 3:15 the track conditions had warmed up a lot giving the team a chance to show off our new racing polo shirts oh and it was also beneficial for the slicks and drivers as it meant less time and fuel had to be spent warming them up.
 Marcus got another good start but was boxed in at Redgate by Craig Wilkins and John McCullagh forcing Marcus to nudge Tom slightly on the entry to the bend, never a good idea to have contact with your team mate but in this unavoidable situation it could not be helped.
The bump had not put off Tom and he kept right with Sumpter from lap five, and finally made it past on lap 12. In pursuit of Morris, Tom managed to again set the fastest race lap as he was closing in. Just as the Team Hartech were clinging on to the pit wall barriers in anticipation, Tom slowed and rolled in behind us on the pit lane. As the cabin doors were opened reams of smoke poured out and it was diagnosed an exhaust issue was reducing his power and the car had gone into “limp home mode”.
Craig Wilkins in car 91 continued to hassle Marcus throughout the race with the pair constantly battling. They traded places a few times but this was usually due to one or other of them being hampered by backmarkers. Following the last race’s events Marcus was understandably nervous about trying a pass at the Old Hairpin again but they were on the last lap and he was close enough to Wilkins for a successful pass so had to give it a go. It worked and after a fantastically controlled overtake he managed to hold on to the place till the chequered flag, finishing 5th position, ahead of where he started the race and a far better result than race 1.
Both Garry and Stuart also came in with good results for the team with Garry finishing in 13th and Stuart finishing 5th in class two a great improvement on last season’s results.
The team of Hartech technicians will be busy for the next few weeks ensuring that the cars are in their usual tip-top condition and hopefully we will be out in force at the front of the pack at Brands Hatch on “Star Wars day” - May 4th be with you!

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