Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Croft race day 21st july

Race one
Despite being quite far back on the grid Marcus manage to get a decent start into race one. He made the risky manoeuvre of driving straight down the outside. This could have resulted in him being shunted into the gravel but he pulled it off and gained a couple of places. Regrettably he lost the gained places due to having to avoid contact with Ben and two 968’s which subsequently put him on a head-on collision course for the tyres he appeared to grow rather fond of on the chicane exit, avoiding them put him back yet another place.
After closely tailing dyer for a good half a lap, He finally gained a place back by passing Chris Dyer on the left hand side coming out of the hairpin down the pit straight then later passed Paul Follett from class 2 entering Tower bend. Both Ben and Marcus managed to hold good places in the race and finished 5th and 6th. Not bad from 10th place on the grid!

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