Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Croft race day 21st July

At last, we have had a race in the sun and in the north east at that. It’s hard to tell which one is more surprising! This brighter weather seemed to give everyone a new lease of life on track and we had a technical change on our side allowing the Boxster S’s to run 15kg lighter. This isn’t a lot, but at least it's a step in the right direction towards the 911's - all of which (and particularly the 996 variant) run far more favourable power to weight ratios.
During qualifying Marcus found himself stuck behind other slower cars and was held up by a few yellow flags making qualifying tricky business this time as he struggled to get many clear laps. He was on line for an excellent lap time but it ended up being little compromised at the end.  So unfortunately was placed 10th on the grid but with only hundredths of a second between him and the next 4 cars. His second best lap was worlds away from what he and the car have been achieving hence he was 14th on the grid for the second race.

Some changes were made to the car after what was learnt from the racing at Donington and it was further improved in a pit stop during qualifying. This proved just how far the team has come over the last few months with them finding and accessing the problem in just under one minute showing how well they all worked together particularly under pressure.
Marcus also managed to find the team something to fill in the large amount of time between qualifying and the first race by “mis-judging ” the tyres on the chicane exit, hitting them & causing damage to both the left wing and the bumper. The Hartech team rose to the challenge and had the car fixed ready to go out in time for the first race with enough time to spare for a little final polishing.

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