Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Donington race day 30th June

Race One
Chris Valentine
Chris Valentine
In the first race both Marcus and Ben got away with a good start which resulted with them having a drag race to Redgate.  Everyone was quite bunched up so at the Old Hairpin Marcus when saw an opportunity to pass Ben he did so cleanly, they remained together for a few laps but when Marcus lost pace in a slide at Coppice he waved Ben through, realising that to try and defend would slow them both down (even though they were gaining very similar lap times). Edging towards the front they then closed on Richard Ellis (who’d been on pole in his 993), until Pete Morris went off at the chicane, meaning Marcus had to be slightly hesitant, allowing 
Chris Valentine
Chris Dyer past by Redgate.  He then passed Ben into the chicane under yellows so the race ended with Chris heading both Hartech cars but all very close together.  Dyer was issued with a 0.5 second penalty, meaning he only lost the place he nicked and classified as 71/1000ths ahead of Marcus. So at the end of race one Marcus was awarded a respectable 7th place.

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