Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Donington race day 30th June

Race Two
Due to grid positioning Marcus didn’t get the start he wanted into race two with Ben having an advantage on the right hand side of the track and Marcus refraining from swiping in front of him as it could have prevented both of them from making the first corner. Down on the Old Hairpin Marcus passed Mark Proctor’s 993 and gained a place but due to a jerky overtake on the start/finish straight Marcus had to give Proctor room to pass. This battle continued through the Old Hairpin and 

Macleans , consequently both Marcus and Proctor were slower through Macleans allowing Dyer to get down the inside and into Coppice. Fortunately Marcus got him back a lap later in the same place when he went wide onto the grass at Macleans exit. A little later in the race Marcus and Dyer swapped places 4 times in 1 lap! Dyer was initially in a stronger position driving a 968 due to its better acceleration giving him an advantage into Redgate. However Marcus held his nerve even when Dyer 
squeezed past on Coppice nearly pushing him onto the grass. Thankfully the Boxster had the advantage of better brakes allowing Marcus to pull ahead into chicane. On the next to last lap there was a back-marker in just the wrong spot entering Redgate, resulting in Marcus sliding round in a very sideways drift and Dyer got past.  Marcus tried to take him back in his favourite move at the Old Hairpin but it wasn’t as successful this time as he under steered off the track on the exit, sending him spinning on the grass, which allowed 4 other cars past (thankfully only 2 from the same class) with only 1.5 laps to go.  

The results from round 6 showed Ben in 5th place and Marcus in 11th.  In a hard day’s racing it was clear that on a fast circuit like Donington the Boxster S model didn’t have the pace of the more powerful 911’s but both drivers and team gave it their all and are looking to being on more equal terms at the next meeting at Croft on 21st July. 

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